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Steem or Steam?

I recently had a misunderstanding with a friend when he mentioned being a Steem user. Not Steam the gaming company (I know this because me and my son play games on the Steam platform), but Steem the social network. Despite the name, these two are completly different. One is a platform to play or buy video games, the other is a social network built on top of a crypto currency.

Anyway the concept is pretty simple, there is a currency created by the company behind the Steemit website and everyone gets a share of it, depending on the success of your activities on the social network. Think like a little bit of money for every like you got on Facebook? Well, I’m not really a social media person, so this may not apply to me, but a lot of users seem to have been particularly successful on this network, including popular YouTubers who converted part of their audience to the site and automatically got a following on the new social network.

A very popular website for analyzing the Steem network is SteemWhales. From there we can see that almost 50 of the users of the social network have reached an estimated net value of 100,000 USDs for their efforts. Where does the money come from? From nowhere, it gets created from nothing, but somehow this magic money is indexed on currency exchange markets for other magic currencies, like Bitcoin. At the moment bitcoin is worth 770$ and 1 STEEM = 0.00021 BTC. Therefore if my math degree is good enough to do this operation, 1 STEEM = $0.16. Well apparently everyone starts with like 5 free STEEM, so I guess it’s better than nothing. While the value of Steem seems to be fluctuating a lot, it seems that the user base keeps on growing.

The blockchain technology used by Steem is very fast, and confirms transactions in less than 4 secs. This is what allows the social network to be alive. In comparison, Bitcoin confirmation time is about 8 minutes. The UI of the website is open source, and therefore receives a lot of regular updates by users of the social network very quickly. Apparently my friend has been on the network for a few months, and things are changing very fast, which is promising for a young startup. If you know the social network Reddit, then the Steem UI will look very similar to you. You basically vote on blog posts and the ‘trending’ page will show you the most upvoted ones.

I took quite awhile to research and read up about all this before I could make a decent article for it. Of course, a lot of it was influenced by a close friend of mine who’s on the Steem network almost every single day. It’s a really interesting concept, and who’s to say that crypto currency won’t take over mainstream paper currency anytime in the future?

About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.

Boeing’s History in Renton


Most people who live in Renton probably know of this company. It’s foundation and history go way back into the 90s. I definitely known a lot of people in my lifetime who have worked for or done some form of work for Boeing. It’s not surprising, considering the Boeing 737 factory in Renton is one of the biggest and most well known aircraft factories in the world, in terms of efficiency. The 737 is the largest commercial aircraft manufactured in aviation history. The 737 factory in Renton takes up 1.1 million square feet of land space, and rolls out an astounding 47 airplanes a month! Isn’t that just incredible? Military craft and submarines are also built at this factory.

Renton has always been a big name for aviation. Dating back to even in 1943 WWII where the Navy and aircraft used to build the PB2B Sea Ranger bomber and B-29 Superfortress. Then in 1954, the factory that the airforce bought over was used to build the monumental Boeing Dash 80. Which is one of the most significant aircrafts built in aviation history. From there on, the Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker and the 707, which is the worlds very first commercially used aircraft for international flight travel, where build on the foundation of the Dash 80. Renton then went on to lead the way into producing the 737, 757 and 767.

All things considered, disregarding the colorful history that aviation has carved into Renton, it’s a pretty nice place to live. Big companies like Boeing contribute a lot to the economy and survival of the people living in Renton. I’d like to thank Boeing on the behalf of all the people living in renton for being a part of our community!

Some fun facts about Boeing’s history in Renton:

  • The XPBB-1 Ranger was the first airplane built in Renton and only one was built, prompting the nickname “Lone Ranger.”
  • From 1974 to 1985, the Renton plant also was a shipbuilding facility; military hydrofoil missile ships and commercial jetfoils were produced alongside the aircraft production lines.
  • From airplanes to elephants: From July 1946 to 1949, no aircraft were built in Renton. The plant was used for other purposes, such as a temporary home for a circus—including elephants.
  • On average, over 2,000 737 airplanes are in the air at any given time.*
  • One 737 takes off or lands every 2.0 seconds.*
  • For all 737 models, there are approximately 24,000 scheduled passenger flights per day. This means that 31 percent of all commercial flights are on 737s.***
  • The 737 family has carried more than 16.8 billion passengers; that is equivalent to every single man, woman and child flying at least twice. (2013 world population was 7.1 billion).*
  • The 737 has flown more than 119.0 billion miles; equivalent to approximately 640 round trips from the earth to the sun.* This represents more than 184 million flights recording 264 million flight hours.
  • With approximately 5,580 airplanes in service, the 737 represents more than a quarter of the total worldwide fleet of large commercial jets flying today.
  • Each of the four large commercial jetliners built at Renton—the 707, 727, 737 and 757—has surpassed the 1,000-aircraft-delivery milestone, a record of success unmatched by any other aircraft production facility in the world.
  • There are over 40 miles of wire on the 737 Next-Generation aircraft and approximately 600,000 total parts on a Next-Generation 737 airplane.

*As of December, 31, 2013
**Ascend Worldwide (January 7, 2014)
***OAG, August 2013. Nonstop, ticket-selling flights.

Source and credit for information used in this post: http://www.boeing.com/company/about-bca/renton-production-facility.page

About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.

The Rise of “eSports” in Renton

league of legends

Today, we are covering a topic that has taken the state by storm! Computer gaming, now also known as “electronic sports” has become a very popular past-time for many youngsters (and adults) in Renton. After doing a poll, we found out that roughly 72% of teenagers between the age of 13 and 21 have been actively engaged in video gaming activity on a daily or at least weekly basis. Furthermore, 48% of these teens have been playing a game called League of Legends. According to multiple sources online, this game is currently the most played online video game on our planet!

The Future of eSports in Renton

The city of Renton would definitely be proud of some of these aspiring young individuals are good enough to make it to the world championship stage. As apparently, there are many competitions with high stakes like huge prize pools for the top contenders. The biggest tournament for League of Legends every year is the World Championship, where 12 teams from all over the world come to one stage to compete against each other, for the top prize of upwards of $2,000,000. Yes, you read that right. There are definitely 6 zeroes in there, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

These prize pools are contributed to by the game’s creators themselves, Riot Games, as well as various sponsors. Last year, 2015’s prize pool was a grand total of $2,130,000. The first place team walked away with a cool $1 million. SK Telecom, the team that represented Korea, were the champions.

This year, with equal or an even higher stakes as the tournament’s prize, everyone is really curious as to which teams will quality, and which talented young individuals would be taking part and representing the country, hoping to bring the nation glory. With the endless possibilities, someone from Renton might be able to take part in the World Championship event. Most of the players who take part on the world stage have achieve the “Challenger” rank, which is also the highest rank obtainable in League of Legends, out of the millions who play the game, only 0.02% of the game population holds this prestigeous title.

The Risk vs Reward for young and aspiring eSport talents

According to many articles and videos online, being able to compete on the League of Legends world stage is not an easy feat. Some of these e-atheletes have training regimes that take up more than 10 hours of their daily lives. The average career lifespan of these players are also relatively short, considering all the factors required to be a professional player. Fast reactions and strong mental stamina, for example. Therefore there are stories of many young players who have squandered away their time and youth on a game, only to end up with nothing. This is about as real as it gets for many who dedicate their hopes and dreams into the noble sport.

Here’s a video that might demonstrate this risk and reward. Prepare to be surprised at how much determination and passion that these youngsters display. With a million dollars and your nation’s glory on the line, it’s not hard to imagine why.

It is not easy to dedicate that much time and effort to one single thing, even if it’s playing a game. It’s easy for us to misunderstand or think lesser of these passionate youngsters, but after watching this video, we can certainly tell what some of them are going through just to hone their skills and push themselves to the limit for one chance at glory and riches. Of course, just like with every other sport, there are those who fail and end up taking elo boosting actions that give may give them some form of progress in the game, but actually are not that significant.

We raise our hats to these passionate eSport talents, and we hope that someone from our city will be good enough to take part in such a prestigeous event and make everyone here proud.


About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.

5 interesting facts you didn’t know about Renton

Renton is one of the most livable cities in Washington in terms of education, jobs, recreation and quality of living. It is also the 8th largest cities of Washington. It was once known as a coal mining and timber town. Now, it is popular for its’ Boeing 737 assembly plant. Here are some interesting facts about Rendon that you probably didn’t know about.

1. It is the home of Seahawks. In 2008 they moved to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC) in Renton. It is located on 19 acres of land on Lake Washington. It is the second largest NFL facility. The fans can watch their favorite players practice during training camp sessions.

2. Hollywood star Clint Eastwood used to live in Renton. He worked as a lifeguard at Renton’s Kennydale Beach. Then he moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career.

3. The legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix is buried at the Renton’s Greenwood Memorial Park. Sean Kinney, the drummer for Alice in Chains, also lived in Renton.

4. Since 1986, every summer Renton River Days festival is held in Renton. There are performances by the Wenatchee Youth Circus, a parade, Nibble of Renton, and the Rubber Ducky Derby. The event brings in the whole community together every year.

5. Renton has one of the lowest crime rates in Washington. The common crimes committed here are property or vehicle-related crimes.

Radon is a great place to live. With some of the biggest businesses operating here and good education system, job opportunity is huge here. The price of properties is low also compared to the neighboring regions. Radon is also known for its rich history and natural beauty.

About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.

3 places you must visit in Renton

Renton is a lovely city located near Seatle. There are great places to see in Renton. Here are some of the attractions of Renton.

Cedar River Park


It is a community park where you can have a great time with your family. The Renton Community Center, the Carco Theatre, and Henry Moses Aquatic Center are located here. There is a large field for playing baseball. You can get access to the Cedar River Trail. There are huge parking space and restroom, making it an ideal place for a picnic or a day out.

Coulon Memorial Beach Park


This park consists of 57 acres of land and water. It provides a unique opportunity for water-related recreational activities. Concerts and festivals take place here all round the year. There are picnic spots, playground, botanical garden, fishing pier, etc. It’s a wonderful place for swimming during the summer. There are miles of paved walking trails along the shoreline.

Renton History Museum


It is the repository for Renton’s history. Exhibits and programs take place all round the year. There are more than 15,000 photographs from various periods of Renton’s past. There are more than 90,000 objects that represent Renton’s history; these include books, newspapers, artifacts, etc. It’s a great place to visit.

Besides visiting these places, there are many fun things to do in Renton. You will find great restaurants and shops here. Visit Renton and discover this wonderful place packed with natural beauty and history.

About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.

Top 3 events held at the Piazza Park every year in Renton

It is public park at Renton and is a major place for special events and activities. The park is situated on less than one acre of property. There are wonderful landscaping, paved surfaces, benches, tree gates, boulders, etc. There is a ‘rushing river’ and a fountain also. Various community events take place at this park throughout the year. Here are some of the major events of this year.

Spring Festival


It is a free event for the residents of Renton. It is a festival where you can meet people and have lots of fun. There will be activities, food, music, crafts and entertainment for the whole family.

Renton Downtown Partnership – April 2016 Clean-up


It is an effort to make the downtown beautiful by regular clean-up sessions. You can participate in this event as volunteers and help to make the place clean and lovely. As a volunteer, you will be picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks and tidy up the whole area.

Annual Piazza Renton Arts and Crafts Festival


Here you will discover handcrafted local and imported goods. You will find various unique handcrafted products including clothing, cosmetics, musical instruments, etc.

Renton is a lovely place to live in. It has a vibrant community with lots of things to offer to its residents. The Piazza Park is the central point for all kinds of activities and events. The events that take place here bring in people from all over Renton to socialize and have fun with family. Besides fun festivals, a number of community and learning events also take place here. You should participate in these activities every year if you are in Renton.

About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.