The Best Location in the Nation

In this city, you will find lovely parks, good business opportunities, and lots of housing facilities


Renton is a heaven for doing business. It is home to some of the world-class companies. Its friendly business climate encourages many businesses to start their operation here. These are some of the top businesses you will find in this city.

The Boeing Company


It is an American multinational corporation. It manufactures airlines, rockets, and satellites all over the world. It is the largest manufacturers of aircraft in the world. Boeing’s 737 factory is at Renton is known as the most efficient factory in the world. More than 11,000 commercial airplanes were manufactured in Renton.



It is the largest manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty trucks in the world. It also manufactures light and medium vehicles. It’s renowned for its design that uses less fuel and increases efficiencies. The company won the National Medal of Technology at the White House in 2006. It is the oldest operating business in Renton. The assembly plant of PACCAR at Renton is known as the best workplaces for commuters.



The IKEA store in the Pacific Northwest was first opened in Renton. IKEA provides various affordable home furnishing products to everyone. Its products are of high quality, beautiful design and functional. Thre are many IKEA stores around the world.

TOPICS Entertainment


It is one of the largest multimedia publishers in the U.S. that offers the content of DVD, software and audio industries at competitive prices. The company distributes the products to prestigious clubs and chain retailers in U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The future business leaders are also looking forward to starting their operation in Renton. This indicates that the economy of Renton will continue to grow and give the people of Renton a better life.

About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.