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The Rise of “eSports” in Renton

league of legends

Today, we are covering a topic that has taken the state by storm! Computer gaming, now also known as “electronic sports” has become a very popular past-time for many youngsters (and adults) in Renton. After doing a poll, we found out that roughly 72% of teenagers between the age of 13 and 21 have been actively engaged in video gaming activity on a daily or at least weekly basis. Furthermore, 48% of these teens have been playing a game called League of Legends. According to multiple sources online, this game is currently the most played online video game on our planet!

The Future of eSports in Renton

The city of Renton would definitely be proud of some of these aspiring young individuals are good enough to make it to the world championship stage. As apparently, there are many competitions with high stakes like huge prize pools for the top contenders. The biggest tournament for League of Legends every year is the World Championship, where 12 teams from all over the world come to one stage to compete against each other, for the top prize of upwards of $2,000,000. Yes, you read that right. There are definitely 6 zeroes in there, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

These prize pools are contributed to by the game’s creators themselves, Riot Games, as well as various sponsors. Last year, 2015’s prize pool was a grand total of $2,130,000. The first place team walked away with a cool $1 million. SK Telecom, the team that represented Korea, were the champions.

This year, with equal or an even higher stakes as the tournament’s prize, everyone is really curious as to which teams will quality, and which talented young individuals would be taking part and representing the country, hoping to bring the nation glory. With the endless possibilities, someone from Renton might be able to take part in the World Championship event. Most of the players who take part on the world stage have achieve the “Challenger” rank, which is also the highest rank obtainable in League of Legends, out of the millions who play the game, only 0.02% of the game population holds this prestigeous title.

The Risk vs Reward for young and aspiring eSport talents

According to many articles and videos online, being able to compete on the League of Legends world stage is not an easy feat. Some of these e-atheletes have training regimes that take up more than 10 hours of their daily lives. The average career lifespan of these players are also relatively short, considering all the factors required to be a professional player. Fast reactions and strong mental stamina, for example. Therefore there are stories of many young players who have squandered away their time and youth on a game, only to end up with nothing. This is about as real as it gets for many who dedicate their hopes and dreams into the noble sport.

Here’s a video that might demonstrate this risk and reward. Prepare to be surprised at how much determination and passion that these youngsters display. With a million dollars and your nation’s glory on the line, it’s not hard to imagine why.

It is not easy to dedicate that much time and effort to one single thing, even if it’s playing a game. It’s easy for us to misunderstand or think lesser of these passionate youngsters, but after watching this video, we can certainly tell what some of them are going through just to hone their skills and push themselves to the limit for one chance at glory and riches. Of course, just like with every other sport, there are those who fail and end up taking elo boosting actions that give may give them some form of progress in the game, but actually are not that significant.

We raise our hats to these passionate eSport talents, and we hope that someone from our city will be good enough to take part in such a prestigeous event and make everyone here proud.


About Joseph Hudson

Joseph is a long time local from Renton, and contributor for the Piazza Renton blog. He's a photographer by day and also enjoys playing video games with his 2 sons, Murphy and Jacob.