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Top 3 events held at the Piazza Park every year in Renton

It is public park at Renton and is a major place for special events and activities. The park is situated on less than one acre of property. There are wonderful landscaping, paved surfaces, benches, tree gates, boulders, etc. There is a ‘rushing river’ and a fountain also. Various community events take place at this park throughout the year. Here are some of the major events of this year.

Spring Festival


It is a free event for the residents of Renton. It is a festival where you can meet people and have lots of fun. There will be activities, food, music, crafts and entertainment for the whole family.

Renton Downtown Partnership – April 2016 Clean-up


It is an effort to make the downtown beautiful by regular clean-up sessions. You can participate in this event as volunteers and help to make the place clean and lovely. As a volunteer, you will be picking up trash, sweeping sidewalks and tidy up the whole area.

Annual Piazza Renton Arts and Crafts Festival


Here you will discover handcrafted local and imported goods. You will find various unique handcrafted products including clothing, cosmetics, musical instruments, etc.

Renton is a lovely place to live in. It has a vibrant community with lots of things to offer to its residents. The Piazza Park is the central point for all kinds of activities and events. The events that take place here bring in people from all over Renton to socialize and have fun with family. Besides fun festivals, a number of community and learning events also take place here. You should participate in these activities every year if you are in Renton.

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